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Adorable Affordable Maternity In Hospital and Newborn Baby Photography by Photographer C Peters. Murrieta Temecula Corona San Diego Orange County & So Cal

"Baby's 1st day" in hospital newborn photography.  (This is not photography of the actual birth....)

These are the photos you will revisit each birthday!

It's not unusual to have some reservations about bringing in a photographer for this private, family moment. But you may want to ask yourself  "do I want to try teach my aunt how to use my i-phone to try to get picture of the 3 of us?".   Sometimes, sadly, that's just how it ends up!

We bring portable studio lighting to give you the most flattering images without using flash (new babies do not appreciate flash) and the hospitals fluorescent lights can be very harsh - moms want to look good too!  Take a moment to compare our prices with what your hospital might offer.  We work quickly, about 20 minutes in your room, to ensure this precious moment's memories live on.